100 Hummuses Sold!

After 1 month of business, La Cocina Safdie has sold 100 hummuses in Medellin, Colombia. Medellin loves its hummus! Advertisements

Facebook page now open

Facebook page: Humus, La Cocina Safdie

Home-made pita

Home-made pita now available. All orders filled on Sundays.

Enjoy your hummus in Medellin!

Email humusmedellin@gmail.com or call 3002274344 to place an order.

La Cocina Safdie

La Cocina Safdie

6,000 Classic- Yellow lemon and garlic
6,500- Roasted red pepper
6,500- Hot pepper

Hummus by the Safdie Kitchen

Welcome to Humus, La Cocina Safdie, one of Medellin Colombia´s only sources to buy freshly made, authentic hummus- or any hummus at all! I moved to Medellin in September of 2012 with my partner. We have… Continue reading