Where do I get Humus

Where do I buy it?

Humus, La Cocina Safdie can now be found in Ceres, the organic food shop that is connected to the vegeterian restaurant Verdeo in Poblado. The humus will be delivered on Monday afternoons, so pick up yours first thing on Tuesday before they run out.

Humus, La Cocina Safdie can also be found in Lenteja Express in the Centro of Medellín. It can be purchased as a new appetizer, on the side of burger and also be bought in the restaurant.

If you visited either of these places and they were already out, or you need a larger order, you can also order your humus directly from me by emailing me at humusmedellin@gmail.com or calling 3002274344. All humus is freshly made, so orders should be made within 48 hours of a delivery and can be picked up at either Ceres in Poblado or Lenteja Express in the Centro.

Humus shelf life

As you humus eaters know, as homemade humus has only the natural preservatives of lemon, salt and olive oil it has a shelf life of around 5 day sealed and 2-5 days once it has been opened. I deliver humus to the buyers within 24 of making it, and it comes sealed in plastic wrap and in a plastic container with a lid. The made date and recommended expieration date are written on the bottom of the plastic tubs. But from my experience, hummus lovers usually have trouble keeping hummus for more than a day before it is eaten!

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